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Veronica Roth’s Teens’ Top Ten Interview About Disney Princesses, Urban Survival Skills, and More

Ever wanted to know what factions the Disney Princesses’ would be in? Veronica Roth has the answer! In this recent interview with YALSA’s The Hub, Veronica Roth sorts the princesses into factions and gives readers some urban survival tips. Fun interview!

If some of the Disney Princesses were to join factions from Tris’s world, in which factions do you think they might land?

I think most of the older ones would be Amity or Abnegation (Cinderella, hello), but obviously Belle, with her passion for books, is Erudite; Jasmine is Candor; and if Mulan counts as a “Disney princess” (I mean, she’s not a princess, but she’s my favorite Disney heroine, so I’m going to talk about her anyway), she would be Divergent the same way Tris is: Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation. I haven’t seen anything after Mulan, sadly. Go out on a high note, I say.

Any urban survival skills that you (or Tris) might recommend for readers going into an uncertain future?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “urban survival skills,” because the way I survive in an urban environment is by memorizing the order of the red line L stops, always putting my keys in the same spot in my bag, and wearing lots of layers so I don’t freeze to death during the Chicago winters. Tris would say you have to learn how to run, fire a gun, and jump on a train, but she lives in a different world. If you’re talking “how to survive in a zombie apocalypse in an urban environment,” I would run straight to a Wal-Mart or a CostCo and set up shop on the roof. They have so many supplies.

Read the full interview at The Hub!

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