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The most comprehensive source for everything DIVERGENT.



“DIVERGENT is set in Chicago, for those of you who don’t know. More accurately, it’s set in a futuristic, warped version of Chicago, because we are dealing with a dystopian book, yes? You would think that I didn’t have to do a lot of research because I live so close to the city, but you would be wrong. I looked up SO MANY MAPS. And SO MANY PICTURES. And SO. MANY. BUILDING HEIGHTS. And of course, I went on this boat tour.”

{A Day in the Land of Divergent}

“…when I finished Divergent (which was not related to school at all), I realized that the whole time, I’d been picturing Tris’s city as a dystopian Chicago. In the months that followed, as I worked more and more of Chicago into the manuscript, I got a chance to explore the city I’ve lived adjacent to for most of my life. I acted like a tourist. I went on boat tours. I rediscovered my home.”

{The Midwest Enthusiast Speaks (About Writing the Ordinary)}