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The most comprehensive source for everything DIVERGENT.


About the Lexicon

In early June 2011, Kassiah read DIVERGENT and swooned and flailed and badgered Sherry and Meg until they read it, too. Obsession might be a good word to describe the way they felt about the characters (*ahem*Four) and world that Veronica Roth created. The following month, Meg brought purpose to the group’s fascination when she said, “I think I want to start a Divergent lexicon.”

After the site launched Meg, Kassiah, and Sherry were lucky enough to meet some other amazing Divergent bloggers. One of these sites, Divergent Nation, and it’s creator Ashley, really caught their attention. After getting to know each other over the next year, and realizing that their minds and work ethic were scarily similar, it seemed only natural that the two sites combine. In October of 2012 they made the merger official.

The Divergent Lexicon exists to provide a comprehensive unbiased resource for Divergent enthusiasts and readers.

About the Admins

About MegMeg is a military wife and mommy of two adorable (and very active) little guys. She loves books. Really, really loves them. (Mostly thanks to her mom, who is a librarian) In her free time she likes to listen to bake, spend time with her hubby and boys, and make googly-eyes at pictures of swoony boys while giggling with Kassiah, Sherry, and Ashley. She is a human version of the ‘Divergent Lexicon’. While working on the site content, she lost track of how many times she read the book, and she’s pretty sure that if there was a Jeopardy with all Divergent questions, she’d dominate. Her favorite parts of the book all involve Four, who makes her swoon. She loves him.

About KassiahKassiah is a web-design goddess. If something needs to look pretty, she’s your girl. (All you need to do is look around the Lexicon for proof of that.) Her fictional boyfriends include Edward, Étienne, Jase, and Four. Don’t even think about asking her who she loves more, it’s just not a question that can be answered. Most of her time is spent homeschooling her three kids, acting as their personal taxi driver, and cooking scrumptious dinners for her hubby. In her “spare” time she can be found reading, web-designing, being crafty, and swooning over boys with Meg and Sherry. In addition to everything else she does, she’s poured her heart and soul into her other site, The Fictionators. If you haven’t been there before, you should definitely check it out. She thinks you’re pretty.

About Ashley	Ashley is a lover of books and swoony boys. She is currently in her last year of college. When she’s not taking the early childhood world by storm, you can find her hanging with family and friends, updating blogs, and listening to music. Like Meg and Kassiah, she could easily let blogging take over her life, but she tries to limit her sites to the books, shows, and topics that she just can’t live without. She’s addicted to pop culture/celebrity gossip, cooking shows, and of course, books. She’s pretty sure that if she had to face Dauntless initiation she’d be the girl falling to her death while attempting to jump off the train the very first time.

About Sherry

Sherry is the girl who never sleeps, or rather never sleeps through the week and crashes on the weekend.  She spends her days working in various bookkeeping/admin jobs, juggling three at the moment.  She has a wonderful husband who is very kind to share his wife with her latest obsessions.  What are her obsessions?  She used to spend all of her time watching television and movies, although Kassiah would probably argue that she still spends too much time doing that.  She never dreamed her obsession could consume more of her life than TV did, but after her husband brought home Twilight, after hearing all of the hype on his favorite morning radio show (and possibly thinking it could be more constructive than her obsessive television watching…boy was he wrong..hehe), things have never been the same.  She showed him that her obsessive personality knows no bounds and she has been immersed in the Twi-world ever since.  Whether it be blogging, swooning over Edward/Rob (either one she doesn’t care), or making life-long friends, like Kassiah and Meg (this being the best perk of her obsession ever), her life is full of funtimes, swoony boys, and good reads.  However, she is the slowest reader EVER so she will never keep up with Kassiah and Meg.  But, she loves hearing about their new books and that is where Divergent entered her life.  While Kassiah was reading, she was swooning over Four and trying not to give away the story, but still reading swoony excerpts, and so Sherry knew she had to read it soon.  While reading she fell in love with Four (just as Kassiah predicted), and yes, she’ll admit it, Matt Dallas playing Four is total win in her book, too.  So, when the resident human version of the Divergent Lexicon, Meg, said she wanted to make the Divergent Lexcion website, she was all in.   Besides, there’s always room for new obsessions.  Who needs sleep anyway?