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“I love this book, and I am excited for the next two.”

{Why a Trilogy is Like a Long Term Relationship}

Veronica wrote a poem in response to Tahereh Mafi’s Rhyming Query contest.

Read it Here

This query is urgent
My book’s called Divergent
It’s about this girl
In a messed up world—
I’d tell you the rest
But I think it’d be best
If I didn’t. You see
I’m no good at summary
(Just trust me
You’ll see what I mean.)

Wait! I know what will persuade
You. No, don’t be afraid—
The powder in the mug
I sent isn’t some drug
It’s just sugar, I swear
Feel free to share
With your agent pals.
What’s my rationale?
Well, I figure you won’t recall
That my query failed to enthrall
If I rely on some gimmick
And this special little limerick.

And it takes too much EFFORT
To actually WRITE. Before you retort
That that’s what I do—
Shouldn’t it be up to you
To make my story look good?
I mean, I really should
Be the next S.Meyer or JK
So this is your lucky day!

You should be thanking me
For the sugar for your tea
And the gift of this book
Even if I didn’t give you a hook
Or a sense of the voice
You should just REJOICE

Wait…is that a form R?
But I’m gonna be a STAR!
Look at me—I glitter!
(Now I’ll just have to insult you on Twitter.)

{The Contest that Blew Your Mind}