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Veronica’s Voice


Twitter FAQ

  • @WonderGirl12 My aptitude? Abnegation. (Safety + quiet + trying to think of others.) My choice? Dauntless. Bravery is important, esp. for me
  • So it’s safe to say you relate to Tris? @WonderGirl12 I wrote it without realizing she was at all like me. Now I see that she has the qualities I need to face my own struggles. Odd (6 Jun)
    @YABliss The mini draft (over half the length of the final) I wrote in about 2 months. The big draft took about 7. (6 Jun)
  • Why kill both of Tris’s parents at the end of D1?@ShannonColleenP Several reasons. The biggest one: they’re Abnegation. They hurl themselves into self-sacrificial situations. (6 Jun)
  • @geekgirlsbkblog I thought of it while writing the proto-draft (veryvery early draft in which he was the narrator), but I think I knew what it meant and what it was at the same time, if that makes sense. Also, 4 is my favorite number. (6 Jun)
  • Is Dauntless headquarters based on a real place in Chicago (like the Erudite by the Bean) or did you just make it up? @BethanyRobison Mostly made up! In my mind the city is in some ways intact and in some ways drastically altered. D HQ is def. altered. (6 Jun)
  • Growing up were you a bigger writer or reader? @burnsy06 I was a big reader until about 6th grade. Then writing became far more dominant. But I didn’t watch much TV– still read a lot.
    (6 Jun)
  • Did any of your characters have different names before or were they always what they were? 🙂
    @sunxxmoon Yes! Mostly the minor characters– for some reason all their names started with A, so I had to change some. (Molly = Allie, etc.) (6 Jun)
  • My guess was that they used the red line train, so they were from North somewhere…
    @BethanyRobison Well, Abnegation is definitely the north side in a more neighborhoody area. Dauntless is far from them, so more south side (6 Jun)
  • What parts of the story did you need to add to? @ElanorLawrence Added scenes that would help people understand why the Dauntless are good, as well as flawed. Paintballing + ziplining, etc. They have great camaraderie and team spirit, when they’re at their best. And they’re bold and fun and free. Good to see that (6 Jun) Agreed. I liked Dauntless. Zipline=cool. It was Erudite I had difficulty liking (even though I think I would be Erudite)
  • @ElanorLawrence The Erudite get a bad rep because Tris is the narrator, and she hates them. In my mind, they are much more balanced!
  • Did anyone ever question the use of guns in the story? They were absolutely relevant, but I’ve heard it’s a hard sell in YA. @KendraHighley You know, they never did. I think because it’s so integral to the Dauntless? Not extraneous in some way. (6 Jun)
  • Are all the communities in the country split into the 5 factions or is it just Chicago?
    @CoreyPaxton Can’t say! #spoileralert #justwaitandsee
    6 Jun
  • Was Caleb really Erudite, or did he (selflessly) choose it to help protect his family from the inside? @JediShywalker He really chose Erudite, because at the time he wasn’t aware anyone needed protecting.
  • Cheesy one! When did Four start strategizing how he would handle the relationship? @tryllbee That’s an interesting question! Probably when stage 2 of initiation started. Tris was becoming vulnerable– he wanted to be too.(6 Jun)
  • Who do you envision playing the leads if Divergent is made into a movie? @Jude0522 I have no idea! Honestly, my preference would be for little-known faces. I like to see that in movies. (6 Jun)
  • What would be some potential obstacles in your own fear landscape? @jplusm92 A lot involving heights. Spiders. Loss of control (so, rollercoasters?). Pain, maybe. I would have quite a few.
    (6 Jun)
  • You mention faith on your blog – does your faith influence your writing (or is that too personal)? eeek! @BethanyRobison Not too personal! It does because it’s who I am, and I write from who I am. But it’s not particularly intentional. Just a natural extension of me into the manuscript
    (6 Jun)
  • Why Caleb and Tris took Choosing Ceremony at the same time? (Sorry, my English is not good.) @veneficus_ They’re only 9 months apart, so for a few months, they’re both 16 and in the same yr at school. (6 Jun)
  • What inspired the idea behind Divergent? 🙂 @addiction2books A little bit of psych (http://bit.ly/8ZyWKp), a little musing about virtue and my own utopia, but mostly, Tris’s voice.
    (6 Jun)
  • Are Beatrice’s grandparents still alive in Dauntless? @DotHutchison Interesting question. It will inadvertently be answered at some point. (6 Jun)
  • Did u always have in mind that Tris Mother was from Dauntless??? @Florbolognesi Nope! Total surprise even to me. But when her mother went to visit U already think that she was from Dauntless. right? cuz in that moment i thought of that @Florbolognesi I didn’t know it even then. Not until she pulled Tris aside and seemed to know where she was going. (6 Jun)
  • @txhighlife I assume so, since she’s got the tattoos. Hard to hide those from your husband. (6 Jun)
  • I loved Four! He felt like such a genuine guy, and fierce while being a sweetheart. How did you come up with his character? @geenra I originally wrote the book from his POV. I knew his history, his personality, all before writing Divergent. I think it’s just figuring out his story, and then thinking about how that would make him turn out. Not that he HAD to turn out this way, but it’s just one possibility I liked. (6 Jun)
  • @precociouspenny I love Eric. That’s all I’ll say. (6 Jun)
  • What moment do you think Tris really ‘grew up’ in book 1? I think there were two – when she first jumped and Al’s suicide…@omgitsc I think you’re right about both– and she keeps growing up as the book goes on. But I feel like she gets much, much older At the end, when she really owns her identity in front of her father. (6 Jun)
  • Your favourite thing about Tris? least favourite? @librarygalreads I love her ability to push herself through her fear. I don’t like her lack of compassion/inability to forgive. (6 Jun)
  • What drew you to focus on the dauntless faction? @Jude0522 I think it’s my own anxiety– I have trouble facing fear, and loved to write about people who do it every day. (6 Jun)
  • Do you think Tris’ mom knew she was Divergent when Tris came back from the Ceremony? If not, when do you think she knew? @omgitsc I think she might have suspected, just watching Tris’s behavior. But confirmed, after Tris chose. (6 Jun)
  • Was it difficult to write the scenes with the guys fighting the girls? Those scenes were intense!
    @Jude0522 Yes! I resisted it for a long time. But ultimately, it was about the Dauntless treating everyone equally– as capable of winning. Also, reflecting some of their tendency toward brutality. But definitely difficult to write. (6 Jun)
  • When the character of Al was created, did you immediately know what he would end up doing? Was that hard to write? @papereader No, I had no idea. But I saw that he was fraying at the seams, and after awhile it became clear to me what he would do. (6 Jun)
  • Do you find it easy to forgive? I relate a lot to Tris on that front. @librarygalreads No, absolutely not! I find forgiveness painful. But my unforgiving nature is something I don’t like in myself, either. (6 Jun)
  • Did u always think of Four as Tobias???… Love the name..@Florbolognesi Yes! The name is actually sort of an homage to my favorite Animorphs character. But in my head he’s usually Four.
    (6 Jun)
  • Will we learn more about different factions or were they only in the first book? @SamKanatzar Oh! Yes. The other factions are far more prominent in the next book, since Tris is less secluded.
    (6 Jun)
  • So I guess I’m asking do have to continually brush up on training and fighting skills through out their careers? @coraaLady Oh! Yes, they do, although I don’t talk about that much in book 1 because it’s not relevant to Tris at that point. (13 Jun)
  • Just finished the Divergent & am soo amazed! Question, Will we hear more of Uriah in Insurgent, he became one of my favs. @caseyrtingss thanks! And as for Uriah: probably (4 Jul)
  • What’s Four’s surname? @xxGrace20xx It’s in the second book. Wait and see!
  • Hi, i was wondering why exactly did tobias hit tris with the knife? love the book by the way! @gold_star16 He did that so that it wouldn’t look like he was going easy on her, so she didn’t look weak. He’s got really good aim. (4 Jul)
  • Alot of people like Saoirse Ronan for Tris. Thoughts?@iLightTheFire I like her! But as long as we’re speculating, Mia Wasikowska is VERY close to what I imagined. (8 Jul)
  • Was there any particular reason behind all the muffins in Divergent? That seemed to be the Dauntless breakfast of choice. @teaslagle It’s just what you said: it was the Dauntless breakfast of choice. Each faction has different food preferences.Their dessert of choice? Cake. (10 Jul)
  • Can u include a gay character in Insurgent??? I know you’re pretty religious but still @ThisIsAbbz221 Just for the record, my religious beliefs absolutely don’t prohibit me from doing that. But I do delve into certain characters more in book two than in book one. Just wait and see! (1 Aug)
  • Just 4 fun! I wanted to ask, which #Hogwarts house is #Dauntless more related to? #Slytherin or #Gryffindor? @pansygirl25 Definitely Gryffindor. One thing the Dauntless are NOT is cunning. (16 Sep)
  • Did the crows symbolize evil?? Just curious. @AshMash_Odum And no, the crows doesn’t symbolize anything in particular. They’re just a scary, uncontrollable force. (3 Oct)
  • In the Choosing Ceremony, when she puts the blood between the two bowls, was that like a symbol of her divergence?? @AshMash_Odum I mean, I suppose it could be, but I don’t really think of things in symbolic terms as I write, so it wasn’t intentional. It is a moment in which she’s choosing between two options, and the blood falling between is indicative of her hesitation. (3 Oct)
  • I always thought that was the coolest concept ever because those seem to be her strongest traits. (dauntless and abnegation) @AshMash_Odum I like that observation. Thanks! (3 Oct)
  • Quick question! IS molly blonde? Cuz, the first thing that came up on my mind was Molly from america’s next top model 0_0 @Cheishya No, she has black hair and darker skin. (8 Oct)
  • Is the font you use Cambria? If it is, yay, because I also love that font! @BySGC No, I use Times New Roman. Very boring of me. (10 Oct)
  • This is a legit (like candor!!!) question…. why is peter so…. so…. so…. perfect? @fulminatas …Peter? Like, so perfect that he repeatedly attacks people? I’m confused. (12 Oct)
  • Hi V! Was Uriah ever attracted to Tris or was he just concerned w/ her as a friend? And will we see him in the next book? @pansygirl25 I see him as just a friend in Divergent. And he is in Insurgent, yep. (18 Oct)
  • I have a question: what if two adults from other factions and already passed their initiation, fall in love? @Robin_isabanana My question would be: how are two members of different factions alone together for long enough to fall in love? In any case, the relationship would have to be secret. No intermarriage allowed. Sounds like a good story, actually. (22 Oct)