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Veronica Roths Takes To Tumblr For Some Q&A!

Veronica Roth posted some new Q&A to her tumblr page this week!

If you haven’t check it out yet, here’s what she had to say:

Right now I’m sitting on about 1000 ask questions in my tumblr inbox, and I’m realizing that I won’t be able to answer every single one of them, as I had planned. However, a lot of them are strictly informational, so I thought I would answer them here in the hope that the people who asked them can see the answers anyway.


Note: I will be trying to answer all the less common questions personally, as well as giving my response to those who just wanted to gush a little bit (which is fantastic)!


So, here they are, your most frequently asked questions:


1. When does the third book come out?

Fall 2013! I don’t have a more specific date yet, and I will announce it when I can.


2. Is the name of the third book Convergent or Resurgent or Emergent or…?

These are the three most common suggestions I receive for titles of book 3, and I can see why! They fit with the rhyme scheme and they could all conceivably relate to the plot of the third book. However, I assure you that me and my publisher still don’t have a title for the third book, and even when we do, I probably won’t be allowed to announce it until much closer to the publication date. (That part of the process always KILLS me, by the way— but that’s just how it works in the publishing industry!)


3. Are there going to be three books in the series?



4. Are there going to be five books in the series? You know, so all the faction symbols will be on the covers.

Nope— only three books. I’m afraid some faction symbols will be left out.


5. Can you write more Free Four?

Honestly, I’d love to, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to write any more. It was really fun writing it the first time, but I have to focus all my energy on book 3 right now. I’ll let you guys know when I know for sure, though.


6. Are you going to write Divergent again from Four’s POV?

I never rule anything out before it’s really ruled out, if that makes sense— I don’t know what will be going on or what I’ll be doing in the future, and I don’t like to limit my options. However, I can tell you that the idea of rewriting an entire book from a different character’s perspective sounds kind of exhausting— the Free Four scene took a LONG time because I had to make sure it matched up with the corresponding Divergent scene perfectly, and doing that for an entire book would be extremely difficult. But that’s the most I can tell you about this question: just how I feel about the idea at this precise moment in time. It could change in the future, or it could not— I don’t know.


7. Is there going to be a Divergent movie?

Maybe! I sold film rights to Summit Entertainment, which is now Lionsgate. A production company, Red Wagon, and a screenwriter, Evan Daugherty, are signed on to the movie. The plan is to get more people signed on! But movie things move slowly and aren’t always certain, and I’m not too involved with them, so that’s all I know.


8. Do you know anything about auditions or casting for the movie?

Not really— I know neither casting nor auditions are happening at this point in the process. If I ever find out anything about either of those things that I am permitted to discuss publicly, I will definitely do so here and on my blog.


9. What do you think about Max Irons for Four, or Saoirse Ronan/Taissa Farmiga/Mia Wasikowska/Anna Sophia Robb/Dakota Fanning/etc. for Tris?

I love seeing the fancasts for Divergent! Some of you are so spot-on, physically speaking, with your choices! However, I’m the worst person to ask, because I have a VERY clear image of what these characters look like in my head (they’ve lived in my head for several years now, remember), and no one quite matches up to it in real life. I think your guys’ interpretations are pretty awesome, though.


10. Is the movie coming out in 2015?

I suspect this “2015” thing comes from the IMDB page, and I think it’s just a filler number— it doesn’t come from me or the people working on the movie.


11. Are you going to kill off Four in the last book?

Guys. GUYS. We have TALKED about this already. A. I’m not going to answer this question, B. He’s not any more or less likely to die than any other character, C. Keep cool, my babies.











12. Did Lynn LIKE like Marlene?



13. Is Edith Prior Tris’s mother?

Tris’s mother’s name is Natalie Prior, so no. (Also, Prior is her married name— Natalie’s parents’ last names weren’t “Prior.”)


14. How is it possible that the city seems to have been around for so long, but Tris is called a “second generation” at the end of book 2? Did the WHOLE society form in just TWO generations?

Okay, this isn’t an FAQ, but I have gotten asked this question and I think it’s important that I answer it, because it might seem like a mistake or an editorial oversight, and it isn’t. I can’t REALLY answer it the way I want to, lest I spoil the third book, but let me say this: A. it’s not a mistake, B. the society is not just two generations old, and C. trust me.

So what do you think? There’s some interesting stuff here!

For more Q&A, stay tuned here and make sure you follow Veronica Roth on tumblr.


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  1. I think its supposed to be your birthday tomorrow? So Happy Birthday. Only got 3 questions (for now);
    Shouldn’t Amity be Sundays day for clothing? Since Sunday is the day of rest?
    Who inspired you to write books?
    And What is your favourite book (not including your book/s)
    Thanks for writing my favourite book.

  2. I only have one question for you and I hope you will be able to answer it but if not, I understand:
    Will tris ever be able to hold a gun again or will she always see Will when she looks through the sights, making her unable to make herself pull the trigger?

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