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Veronica Roth Talks More About Not Writing A Tris Love Triangle

Veronica Roth has been posting a lot of Q&A’s on her tumblr, if you haven’t been following them, or reading them on the DivLex, check out her tumblr page here.

Last night she gave the answer to an interesting question. Here’s what she had to say:

hunyumstan asked: hello archduchess …. welll … question! you said there would be no love triangle. (thank you for that very much!) but if there was, just out of curiosity, who would be the other guy? Also do you find the idea of Tris & Peter ships a little unnerving? (cause ppl do ship them and not to be mean or anything, its hard for me to just not be rude about it!) … AND HOW COME YOU DONT HAVE A WIKI PAGE?? random thought processes are weird!


Veronica Roth answered: Honestly, there is no other guy who would work. He would have to be completely new!


To answer your Peter question— people can root for whoever they want, and imagine whatever they want, it doesn’t really bother me. But my personal interpretation of the situation is this: Peter attacked her and humiliated her. He has no respect for her. (I don’t think even she quite realizes how bad the situation was, either, because sometimes it takes time for that revelation to happen, as people grow older.) If she went for him, it would mean that she’s lost a sense of her own worth, and while that does happen to people after trauma sometimes, it’s not something I would want for her— it’s something I would want desperately to rescue her from.


That said, maybe people have a story in mind that makes it work for them, and of course they’re allowed to, but those are my thoughts. Also, have I mentioned how cool it is that people are imagining this stuff? No matter what it is they think of, it means that they’ve connected to the characters in a real way, and I think that’s so flipping awesome.


Also, I don’t know about the wiki page. There probably isn’t one because I didn’t make one, and who else would have the info? 😛

So what do you think? Did you ever imagine Tris with any one else? Or like us, do you only see Four? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Wow. I think what she said about Peter is really interesting. And I’m so glad that VR wouldn’t even consider him (or anyone else). I just hope that Sherry can recover from the shock.

  2. Thank you so much for not putting Tris into a love triangle! All of the young adult books out right now have a love triangle and I am sick of it because I always end up being disgruntled with the girl. (And I am completely in love with Four…)

  3. Actually, I imagined peter had a crush to tris after she helped him in amity faction. :p four is absolutely awesome, but why I found peter more attractive? Lol although he such a jerk, but I can’t stop imagine there is something between him and tris. XD Four-Tris-Peter ! It would be awesome~ because peter is unexpected partner for tris.

  4. I can see how a love triangle sucks and is predictable but over all I feel like the tris and peter parts were added in to have the possibility of imagination to the viewers. Yes peters evil… but it would be a revelation if he changed a bit just for tris to better himself even though tris would never go for him maybe admitting he doesn’t despise her and kind of likes her would be enough to not hate him for his past.

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