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New Veronica Roth Blog Post: FAQs: Four and The Names We Choose

In her newest blog post, Veronica Roth talked about names and why Four is Tobias to Tris.

Here’s part of what she had to say:

In Insurgent, this name issue becomes a bit more complicated, but for Tris it’s the same. “Tobias” is the name she chooses for him, because it represents his secret self, the one he showed her and her alone. She calls him “Four” when she’s with other people, to help him keep his secrets, but in her head, he’s always Tobias.


Now, I like the name Tobias (I seem to be in the minority, but that’s okay!), but I, like most of you, do prefer the name “Four,” and honestly, I always intended for him to be called “Four” most of the time. So I tried really, really hard to make some kind of shift in Tris’s mind so that it would make sense for her to call him Four in Insurgent. There are plenty of arguments for why she might do that, and I made all of them, I promise you. But what surprised me was that it never felt right; it didn’t feel like what Tris would really do. So Tobias it is. She’s very stubborn, you know.

To read the rest, visit Veronica’s blog here.


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