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New Blog Update From Veronica Roth: The Giveaway of Many 4s: WINNERS

Veronica Roth announce ‘Giveaway of Many 4’s’ in March. We posted about it here.

The winners were announced this week on her blog.

Here they are:

Vicky C

OmG! Omg! Omg!!! I N-E-E-D to read Insurgent.

I would’ve probably been born into ERUDITE because my family is big on committing yourself to studying and the importance of knowledge, so that’s how I was raised.

I would choose to transfer to AMITY because I believe in kindness, forgiveness and that it is important for people to try to leave in peace with each other.

Thanks so much for the international giveaway!! (I’m from Argentina)

I think I’d be born into Amity. And I’d like to think that I could be in Dauntless, but truthfully, I’d probably die in initiation soooo…I’d either stick with Amity or switch over to Erudite. Can’t get enough of them books! P.S. I love Divergent and everything about it, by the way. I would probably cry if i won this. Tears of joy, of course 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

I would have been born into Candor. But I wouldn’t be able to stay because lying is to easy for me. I would like to think I could be tough enough to go into Dauntless but I know I wouldn’t. And I’m not smart by any means so no Erudite. And I could never be truly selfless, so that cancels out Abnegation. And pigs will fly the day I’m truly happy and can’t argue with anyone. Amity wouldn’t work for me. I guess I’m a bit Divergent 🙂

Divergent was my obsession for weeks. I can’t wait to freak out over Insurgent 🙂

My entry for the Insurgent ARC giveaway- I would have been born an Erudite because my folks are really smart but I would probably have switched to either Dauntless (because I am always rebelling against my parents) or Candor ( because lying my pet peeve) 🙂 Thanks for running this giveaway x

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