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Divergent Related Baby Name Makes The List!

Baby Center posted their Top 10 Baby Names You Haven’t Thought Of Yet. If you, or someone you know, is having a little one soon, there’s a Divergent related name on the list. So what was it? Amity!

1. AMITY. (AM-ih-tee) Okay, some of you may think “as in Amityville Horror?” But consider this: By the time your little girl hits the playground, that movie based on a true story (circa 1974) will be an outdated reference. Plus, simple, old-fashioned virtue names like Faith and Grace have been trendy for awhile, so they’re starting to feel a little overplayed. Amity taps into the same idea, but is completely original. And the three syllables with an initial vowel give it a softer, more feminine sound.


> Not ready to go all the way to Amity? Try HOPE.

So what do you think? Would you consider a Divergent related name? Which one?




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  1. That is so cool

  2. That is amazing. I am team Amity!! WOOTT! It actually sounds awesome to be a name, it might be awkward if you name your child Abnegation or Candor. Amity for the win! 🙂

  3. Although this post is very old… I am due with baby number 1, a boy, and the name Candor is on our short list, but spelled Kander. Amity reminds me of the Amityville horror movie!

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