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@ColtonHaynes As Four? We approve.

So normally we wait to post speculation until we have the facts, but this time we just couldn’t resist.

There have been numerous rumors flying around about different actors who might be up for the role of Four. (for more on that, see our posts here and here) But the latest actor whose name is spreading through the fandom has definitely caught our attention.

We’ve always had a very specific idea of who could/couldn’t play Four. That’s no secret. And while he hasn’t the actor that we originally picked, we think that Colton Haynes just might have what it takes.

In our opinion, Four is going to be difficult to cast. The person selected for the role is basically going to have to take on two roles. The Dauntless side, and the Abnegation side. The dangerous side, and the vulnerable side. The sexy sarcastic side, and the swoony, sweet, sigh-worthy side. He has to be able to throw knives and look scary, but he’s also got to be able to deliver lines  like this- “Someday” he says, “if you still want me, we can…” He pauses, clears his throat. “We can…”  He’s got be Four and Tobias.

So why is Colton’s name being tossed around more frequently now? Well there’s a few reasons.

– Earlier this month he announced he was leaving MTV’s Teen Wolf. Even the shows producers were shocked by the news.


– He (very) recently started following Veronica Roth on twitter


– He tweeted that he’s got an announcement to share with his fans:


– He’s pretty. So very, very pretty.

Alright, that last one isn’t a real reason, but it makes us very happy and we’ve been seeing tweets that suggest some others agree!

Here’s what some of you have said about this casting possibility:

Right now this is all just  a lot of speculation, but we’re hoping there’s some truth to it.


What are your thoughts? Would you support Mr. Haynes as Four?


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    • do u think i could try out for the movie? honestley i love love love this book!!!!!!! and now my whole faimly loves that book to.:) but can u email me or something when the real movie trailer gets out or something like that i would really apppreciate that thanks! and thank u veronica roth for starting a new seires for me!!!!!!!:)

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  3. yes yes yes i love this guy for four. i cant wait

    • I love this book!!! It was so good! i read it in like one day! From the moment i pceikd it up, i couldnt put it down. It was amazing and its all ive been talking about for days! i think that they should cast people who arent really known to play the main characters. I would love a chance to be im this movie! I look nothing like tris, but a lot like Christina! If anyove has any information about when and where the auditions are could you please let me know!? and if you need an agent or not. i really hope you dont need one! thanks a lot!A

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  4. YES PLEASE. He is everything I want for Four. He would be perfect.

    • that was the best book i ever read it had action,romance,betrayal,suspense and mdurer. this book did remind me of the hunger games which i also loved so this was the perfect book. i hope that in the next book the mystery about why the town is sealed off is answered.

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  5. I love him but no…. Four is mixed race. Why are the whitest boys in the world being considered? Ugh.

  6. Sure, he’s half-Cherokee but still – at least give PoC a fair representation in the media. Plus, I’m beginning to lose tons of respect for him after the ‘brownface’ incident.

    • I look like Tris. I was reading inugnsert today when it hit my mind. I genuinely look like Tris. Blonde hair, grey eyes, severe expression. I may only be 13 but I could pass as a short 16 year old. Also my life ambition is to be an actress. God I wish I could play Tris. If nothing else I’d love to be an Abnigation child going to school with Tris or a Dauntless child, running around the pit.(this is going to be very heavily sarcastic) Luckily for me I’m all the way in Britain when it’s most likely going to be filmed in America. Also I can sooo afford an agent in the current economy.

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  7. Wow, I have probably typed in this llitte comment box a million times trying to figure out what I should say. These two books are the best I have ever read. I picked the first one up at 9:21 am and finished it about 2 in the afternoon, the second I finished in about three hours because I just couldn’t put it down. I fell completely in love with the characters and their amazing, individual personalities. I know this third book will be incredible and I so pumped for it! Mrs. Roth I would really appreciate an opporunity to audition for one of your characters in the upcoming films. If you haven’t already decided on roles I would love just a chance. If you could please email me the information I promise I will not dissapoint. I hope you get back to me.~Your forever fan, Maddie

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  8. Oh god please no. I just don’t like him. His face is too soft, and really doesn’t portray Four’s side. Maybe it portrays the Tobias side, but not Four, and that’s what the actor has got to do PERFECTLY. Also, Four/tobias’ hair isn’t short 😛

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  9. Want him to be Tobias

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  10. Colton has to play four or the movie will be ruined.

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