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Ansel Elgort Talks to @TeenVogue About #Divergent & #TFioS

Ansel Elgort sat down with Teen Vogue to talk about Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars in a brand new interview! (Of course we also have to mention that we love that the tagline reads: “We forgot to ask him if he’s single.”) Here’s what they had to say:

You’ve probably noticed Ansel Elgort’s name around a lot lately, partly because it’s not the kind of name you can easily forget, but mostly because he’s about to be everywhere. After his debut movie role as school heartthrob and reigning prom king opposite Chloë Moretz in Carrie, the 19-year-old actor will be returning to the big screen this weekend in Divergent, the dystopian blockbuster everyone’s talking about (us included!).


In the anticipated YA adaptation, he plays Shailene Woodley’s conflicted big brother, Caleb Prior. “I like the fact that he’s not a leading man, and that he’s kind of an antagonist,” Ansel says of his character. “He’s not the guy the audience will love the whole time. You might even hate him as the second and third movies—if we get to make them—come out, because Caleb has a real arc.” There’s no way the second and third movies won’t get made (the first is spectacular!), but there’s also no way we could ever hate him. Look at him!


Come June, Ansel and Shailene will reunite in The Fault of Our Stars as sweethearts instead of siblings. To film the action-adventure blockbuster and super sad indie flick back-to-back was “totally surreal,” he says. “It was great though. As an actor, you want versatility in what you do.” Plus, he points out, Divergent isn’t exactly a comedy. “For me, playing Caleb was actually more melancholy, because I’m in the more depressing parts of the movie. The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful film that’s really positive. The second half gets sad, but it’s always positive.”


So, now that he has a horror movie, an action flick, and a romantic drama under his belt, what’s he setting his sights on next? The answer, in short, is everything.”I don’t want to only play the leading man for the rest of my career. And even though Augustus is a leading man, he’s not the typical leading man. He’s nerdy, he has one leg, he has cancer,” he says. “My favorite actors are people like Tom Hardy and Christian Bale, who can play characters and also be leading men. I want to play both my whole career, so the fact that I’m able to both now is awesome.”


There’s no question—this guy has a long career ahead of him, and we plan to pre-order an opening day ticket to every movie he’s ever in. Speaking of, do you have your spot reserved for Divergent on Friday? There’s seriously no better way to spend your weekend.


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