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Is @dbastian2 Our Max?

Shailene Woodley at Sundance

Rumors have been circulating that David Bastian might be our Max.

We got confirmation of his audition for the role from this tweet:

Even though we don’t know much about him, we are always happy when someone seems excited about the project. While his tweet confirms that he auditioned for the role of Max, we actually think (at least visually) he’d be perfect for Marcus.



What do you think initiates?


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  1. He’d make a good max, but ya he’d make a better marcus.

  2. I know sometimes movies are different than the book, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that Max was suppose to be black.

  3. I think they should switch him to Marcus, he doesn’t look sort of like Marcus, he looks exactly like Marcus. The sneer, the attitude, he looks like he can be a elite good guy with an edge. Perfect. I mean he’s an actor so he should be able to play Max as well, he has different looks which can fit Max. Just my 2 cents. I just wanna know the rest of the cast. We need new/more rumors or fact! Something! lol

  4. lol no, max is not black.. :p

  5. ohh nevermind i was wrong sorry max is black :p

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