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About the Movie

About the Movie

Veronica with Divergent Screenwriter Evan Daugherty
{taken from this post}

Veronica announced on her blog that Summit acquired the rights to Divergent in March of 2011. She said:

“I’m crazy-excited! My experience with the people at Summit has been very positive so far—I think they have a great vision for the book, one that is close to my own. I also think they’re no strangers to taking risks, which is important to me.”


“While I was [in California] I did many things, some of which were meeting the people currently involved in the process of turning Divergent into a movie.

First, I’m going to let you know how this process works, because I had no idea until I got involved in it, and I think there are many misconceptions– understandable ones, but misconceptions nonetheless. So, here we go:

  1. I don’t choose the cast.
  2. I don’t choose the director.
  3. I don’t write the screenplay.
  4. Actually, I don’t control anything except who I sell the rights to, and that’s already done.

I am in the fortunate position of being fairly well informed about what’s going on with the movie. This is due partly to Pouya, “my film rep guy,” as I call him, because he is involved on the production side. But unless you are an author who fights hard to get involved in the movie-making, your control over the process will be fairly limited.

And that’s kind of how I wanted it. Why? Because I write books. I love writing books and I tend to get annoyed by things that interrupt me from writing books, like the need to sleep and shower and buy groceries. Don’t get me wrong, I think movies are great. But unless some huge revelation happens wherein I consider a more varied career path, it’s all books, all the time.”

{The Real Book-to-Film Process + ComicCon Wonderland + Thoughtful Reflections = This Blog Post}