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Society FunctionFill the need for selfless leaders in government.

Faction Beliefs

Initiation Details

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Faction Manifesto

Abnegation: The Selfless
I will be my undoing If I become my obsession.

I will forget the ones I love If I do not serve them.

I will war with others If I refuse to see them.

Therefore I choose to turn away From my reflection, To rely not on myself But on my brothers and sisters, To project always outward Until I disappear.

Some members add a final line: “And only God remains.” That is at the discretion of each member and is not compulsory.

Faction Characteristics

Faction Clothing

Abnegation Clothing

Faction Facts

Known Conflicts


Faction Leaders

Faction Members
Faction Members

Faction Members Chosen

Related Places

Related Places

“I like the verbs in that one: refuse, deny, reject, renounce–active forms of stripping things from your life. As opposed to relinquish, give up– more passive.”

{The First 100 Pages, and the DIVERGENT Dictionary}

“Abnegation… includes five of the traditional “seven heavenly virtues:” chastity, temperance, charity, patience, and humility.

{Amazon’s Q&A with Author Veronica Roth}