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Guess The Title Of Book #3 And Win!



We know you are all waiting patiently to hear the announcement of the title for book #3 (“Detergent”). To help pass the time, and to have a little fun with the wait, we’ve created a poll of what we think are the most likely titles.

Take a look an make your pick:


What Will The Title Of Book #3 Be?
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Now for even more fun! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think the title will be. Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a drawing to win a set of Divergent tattoos!


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  1. My first choice was Emergent but I saw a post the other day on possible titles and someone said “Assurgent” which also means rising up and I’ve really liked that title since so I’ve gone with Other and my money is on Assurgent!

  2. Resurgent!

  3. Resurgent!

    • My brother suggested Emergent months ago and I agreed with him then but Resurgent sounds pretty aweseomtaco too so I’mma go with Resurgent πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my lord. Emergent is THE title. It means calling for prompt action. That’s exactly what I imagined would happen in the third book. Everybody has to go out of the fence, therefore being prompt. If it isn’t Emergent (which sound like emergency now that I think about it) it’s going to be Resurgent (which also makes plenty of sense).

  5. I’m placing my bet on Convergent! πŸ˜€
    I think Resurgent sounds too much like Insurgent, and the two may easily get mistaken for each other in speech.

  6. Convergent! πŸ˜€

  7. I’ll guess Resurgent.

  8. I think it’ll be Convergent. It makes the most sense and sounds good with the other titles.

  9. Resurgent – #4Tris

  10. I’m torn between emergent and convergent: both show them finding the outside world. I think emergent sounds better, but that they’ll go with convergent because its not as expected as the other.

  11. I posted on Twitter quite awhile back and even tagged the GREAT Veronica Roth that she could/should call Detergent Resurgent! I think it is the perfect name! And it sounds good too! Here’s hoping *fingers crossed*

  12. Convergent, maybe? I think it sounds the best with the other two titles

  13. Hmm…I like Resurgent but I think Convergent is what I’m going to go with, since its like the outside and the inside coming together? I don’t think Emergent sounds quite right, and I think Resurgent is too much like Insurgent. Well maybe Veronica Roth might even throw a screwball on us and its a name that nobody would ever me able to guess xD

  14. Convergent…at least that is what I think sounds best and very much describes the way the story line was headed at the end of Insurgent.

  15. I think it’s Resurgent, because it kind of seemed like the way of life that existed before the factions might be resurging in the last book. I don’t know for certain–this is only surmise!–but it seems likely that since the factions failed so miserably, society might be going back and trying again to be like it was before. It also might be Emergent, because the information about life “beyond the fence” has emerged and definitely requires some sort of action. So I’m going either Resurgent or Emergent.

  16. Oh wow, I am torn between Resurgent and Emergent. Both would fit perfectly, blend with the other titles, be catchy, everything you need in a title.

  17. I’ve always thought, since I finished Insurgent, that it would be Convergent. Resurgent also sounds good but sounds so similar to Insurgent. Maybe she will throw us all off and just name the damn thing Detergent πŸ˜‰

  18. Exigent!!! Definitely Exigent!!!

  19. abstergent- it means serving to cleanse, or detergent. maybe Tris will finally “cleanse” society?

  20. These are some great title ideas. The only one I could think of before I saw this poll was “Emergent”, but now that I see “Convergent” and “Resurgent”, those seem like strong possibilities too. I still think it will be “Emergent” though, for 2 reasons:

    1. “Convergent” rhymes so closely with “Divergent”, that “Insurgent” won’t sound as similar since it doesn’t have a “v” in the middle. In the same way, “Insurgent” rhymes so closely with “Resurgent”, that “Divergent” won’t sound as similar since it doesn’t have “s” in the middle.

    2. The biggest reason I think the title of book 3 will be “Emergent” is because the word “emerge” is in the text of the speech that Amanda Ritter/Edith Prior made in the video at the end of the last book:

    “…The name you should give those people is Divergent. Once they become abundant among you, your leaders should give the command for Amity to unlock the gate forever, so that you may emerge from your isolation.”

    Roth, Veronica (2012-05-01). Insurgent (Divergent) (p. 524). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

  21. Allegiant

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