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Exclusive Comic Con Q & A With Veronica Roth

In this Q & A, Veronica answers questions about the Divergent movie, Insurgent, and what she’s currently reading.

Any fantasy casting choices for the characters?

I really am not one of those people who celebrity cast, mostly because I don’t like to get a vague sense of someone’s personality when I’m writing.

I love to see unknown faces in movies, and see what people make of someone I’ve created in my head. I’m open to anyone who brings something to the character.

How’s book 2 coming along??

I’m still working on book 2. I turned in a very very rough draft a few months ago, then got editorial notes. It’s basically like writing it again … and I’m just finishing up that, and then I’ll have a few more rounds of edits.

Anyone who’s eager for it to come out, I’m eager too.”

Click here to read the rest on the Novel Novice site.

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