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Dauntless Headquarters Found?

Divergent Lexicon Fandom

Divergent ‘superfan’ Chellie, along with her friend John, filmed a video taking us on a tour of “Divergent Chicago.”

Here are the places they visited-

  • The Bean
  • Erudite HQ
  • Thompson Center (Dauntless HQ)
  • Merchandise Mart
  • Navy Pier (and the carousel!)

Check it out here:

Fun, right?

While, we don’t agree on the building shown as Erudite HQ, we are beyond thrilled at the possibility of finding Dauntless HQ! It’s got the glass roof, easy train access, a perfect chasm location, and walls built for scaling.



So what do you all think? Have we found our Dauntless HQ?


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  1. I love it! I have read the first two books like six times over! You’re an amazing author! Can’t wait for the third book, and Dauntless HQ is EXECTALLY like I imagined it!

  2. The Dauntless HQ isn’t even close to the picture. It’s supposed to be under ground, with narrow paths winding up the rock face. There isn’t stairs or railings… oh yea really brave with that railing stopping you from falling =/

  3. yeah that is just how i imagined it

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