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Alexander Ludwig As Four?

Yesterday we had some Tris casting news that was met with mixed reactions, and today we’ve got some Four news that we’re expecting to be met with similar thoughts.

Alexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games) tweeted about a meeting with Divergent producer Doug Wick to discuss playing Four.

Here’s his tweet:

So what do you think? We’re not so sure. We think he’d make a great Peter, but we’re not convinced about his Four potential.

Sound off in the comment section below.


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  1. Yeah I always imagined his as Peter, hope the producer changes his mind and makes him do Peter! I have always wanted Alexander Ludwig to be Peter!!!

  2. I agree. He wouldn’t be very good with Tobias, but MAYBE Peter.

  3. nope. Max Irons!!!! all the way

    • I knew it was his birthday boefre all you people. On instagram (iPod app) i follow a person called the games. He posts everything HG from news to funny pics! (if u have instagram my username’s gfighter101 follow me!)

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  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!! nope, sorry. You can not be Four

  5. Are you kidding me?!?!?! First the crappy tris and now a crappy four?? this is not making me happy!

    • this is all just speculation. the actor randomly put on his twitter that he’s interested in the role, but so are dozens of other guys. don’t panic just yet!

    • Shailene Woodley actually makes a good Tris. Watch her in ‘The Descendants.’ Don’t base her acting on the shitty show, ‘The Secret Life Of An American Teenager.’ And plus, Veronica Roth approves of Woodley and has praised her talent and her acting skills. I know you’re just voicing your opinion, but it’s about time you quit complaining because it won’t change anything. No one is going to cast Tris as Saoirse Ronan or AnnaSophia Robb. And I think this is going to end up totally like the THG situation. Everyone was bitching about Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson until they saw the movie and stills. But I’m not saying I agree with idea of Alexander Ludwig being Four. But there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’ll shut up.

  6. Boo!

  7. Dye his hair black, and he would work, since at first Tris describes him as what I pictured a friendly Cato would look like. Also, Ludwig is a good actor, so I bet he can pull Four off.

    • This is really good. Saoirse was my nuembr one top contender for Tris, but then I found out she was going to star in The Host, so I had to look elsewhere. How about Jordan Hinson?

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  8. I think he should play Peter

  9. The only reason people are saying he’d be a good Peter is because his only major role so far has been as Cato, which is comparable to Peter. We have to remember that he as ACTING!!!! and he can act less mean if needed, otherwise he wouldn’t be a famous actor. So, that being said, I’d have to see him try a scene with Shailene Woodley (or however you spell her name) and see if they have chemistry. If so, he could be Four.

  10. I am already disappointed about Shailene Woodley being Tris, Alexander Ludwig being Four makes me not even want to see the movie. No offense to these actors, but neither of them look like the characters do based upon Roth’s descriptions. Saoirse Ronan fits Tris’ description in my opinion, and as for Four, well, I haven’t found an exact match yet, but Max Irons is a potential candidate…I think Alex would make a great Peter, or even Will.

  11. I have to agree with some of the other posters. I like Alexander Ludwig and I think he would be great as Peter, but I just don’t see him as Four.

  12. If they cast him for four I don’t even want to see the movie. I am already upset about who is playing tris. This will ruin the books for me!

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  13. Just because he plays Cato doesn’t mean he can’t play a good role. That’s why he’s called an actor. I think we should give him a chance. And to all those people who say that they’re not going to watch the movie because of the actors, ur stupid. If ur a true fan of tr books then u will watch the movie because u love it!!!

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  14. I really don’t like him as Tobias, he’s too lean for tobias… plus i like the idea of having an unknow actor playing him so no one can have an opinion before seeing the movie, as i wanted with tris but it didn’t happen… I don’t like Max irons to play him, he will be about 30/31 when it comes out, far too old to play an 18 year old i say.

    • I loved him as Cato!
      besides the other guy being considered, Colton Haynes(or whatever his name is), is NOT FOUR! no way in hell!
      so yeah. when it comes to the two of them..alexander ludwig all the way. 😛


  15. I can’t see him as Four, but if he gets casted as Peter…well, would YOU always want to play the bad guy? I know I wouldn’t! I would LOVE to see Alex play Four, and I really believe he could pull it off. And I think that he would look pretty hot on screen as Four… no matter what I am still super pumped for Divegent!!

  16. I’m all for colton haynes Xander would make a nice Edward or Peter al or even will but not four.

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  17. Coltyn Haynes is my perfect Four ♥ Alexander would be my second choice… he would also be a very good Peter!

  18. I’m intrigued by him playing Four. I totally pictured him as Peter but I could totally buy him in the other role. Better him then that awful Alex Pettyfer.

  19. I really think he should . Alexander is handsom, buff, and tall, just as veronica describes Four/Tobias. But I’ll have to say when they get to a romantic part i will get really jealous because Alexander is very HANDSOM.

  20. I can’t really see Alexander Ludwig as being Four, but maybe I’ve just gotten stuck thinking of him as Cato. I mean, he IS an actor, and it’s an actor’s job to portray whatever persona necessary. But really, I think he would fit the role of Peter so much better.

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