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“Four: A #Divergent Collection” Cover Reveal

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 in Divergent | 0 comments

  Yesterday we got the tagline, and today there’s even more! Entertainment Weekly gave us the cover for “Four: A...

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Extended Look At #Tris’ Fearlandscape from @EW

Posted on Feb 26, 2014 in Divergent | 0 comments

  We’ve seen bits and pieces of Tris’ Fear Landscape in the various clips of Divergent, but thanks to Entertainment...

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@EW Debuts Their Comic Con Magazine Cover with a Small #Divergent Feature

Posted on Jul 6, 2013 in Divergent | 0 comments

We’ve all gushed over Divergent‘s gorgeous Entertainment Weekly cover and now the magazine has brought them back as one of the...

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@EW Releases High Resolution #Divergent Stills

Posted on Jun 19, 2013 in Divergent | 0 comments

  Here are the pictures from this weeks Divergent Entertainment Weekly issues in high resolution:     What do you...

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Brand New Still of Tris and Four at the Ferris Wheel PLUS Video from @EW

Posted on Jun 19, 2013 in Divergent | 1 comment

Hold on to your hats! Entertainment Weekly has released even MORE Divergent-y goodness with a brand new still of Shailene Woodley and Theo...

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#Divergent Takes Over This Week’s @EW Cover- A First Look into the Making of The Movie

Posted on Jun 19, 2013 in Divergent | 0 comments

Get ready to stalk your newsstands Inititates! Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the cover for this week’s issue and there are a...

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#Divergent Weekend Wrap-Up (June 7th-9th 2013)

Posted on Jun 9, 2013 in Divergent | 0 comments

So much has been going on this weekend in #Divergent-land and we want to make sure you haven’t missed anything! Here’s a...

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New #Dauntless Faction Symbol Revealed!

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Divergent | 0 comments

  Today EW reveal the first of five new faction symbols for the upcoming Divergent film! Are you ready? Here it...

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Choose Your Faction, Face Your Fate- @EW to Debut a #Divergent Faction Symbol

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Divergent | 0 comments

Entertainment Weekly will debut an exclusive first look at one of the faction symbols from Divergent TOMORROW at 12pm ET/9am PT! TOMORROW...

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Shailene Woodley Talks with Entertainment Weekly About Ansel Elgort’s “The Fault in Our Stars” Casting

Posted on May 17, 2013 in Divergent | 0 comments

Ansel Elgort’s recent casting as the beloved Augustus “Gus” Waters in John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars has...

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