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Veronica Roth’s attending Ascendio 2012!

Veronica Roth tweeted this week that she would be attending Ascendio 2012!


Here’s more information on her appearance:

Lauded as the next hot YA dystopian writer, Divergent author and huge Harry Potter fan Veronica Roth is coming to Ascendio! She can’t wait to come and squee about Harry Potter along with the rest of us — and discuss her New York Times best selling novel Divergent, its sequel Insurgent (coming out May 2012) and her writing success story with Ascendio attendees. Veronica will be hosting a book club for her books, plus we have it on good authority she’ll be bringing Faction tattoos for all of us!

To find out more information on Ascendio, and to read about Veronica Roth’s participation, click here.


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