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Veronica Roth talks Harry Potter on YA Highway

Veronica Roth posted an entry on YA Highway today about one of our (non-Divergent) favorite topics. Harry Potter!

Harry Potter is fun. It’s chock full of whimsy, actually. In what other book could you find a main character named Neville Longbottom or Ron Weasley? Or a plant that is covered with pus-filled swellings (bubotubers!)? This is a world that does not take itself too seriously.


And yet, for me, these books have some intensely serious moments. Disturbing moments. Convincing villains who do truly awful things. Deaths that made me cry. Selfless acts that made me feel inspired. I don’t think these books would have affected so many people in such a powerful way if they had just been Fun Books.

You want to read the rest, trust us. Head over there and check it out. Just click here.


Harry, Ron, Hermione


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