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New Blog Post: What Project Runway Taught Me About Explanations

Veronica Roth’s most recent blog update did something we didn’t think was possible. It made us love her even more. We can’t get over how open and honest she is with her blog readers, it’s something that you don’t see often, and something that definitely makes her a stand out writer.

Here’s a little snippet from her post:

When I was in writing class in college, there were rules for critique sessions. The most important one was: the writer is not allowed to say anything. Yes, that’s right: an hour of people picking apart my story, which I crafted lovingly over a period of weeks, and I was not allowed to say a single word. I couldn’t defend myself. I couldn’t explain anything. There are many reasons for this, but for me the most important one is that my defense and my explanations were unimportant. Useless, actually. If something doesn’t come across in the writing, it’s not the reader’s fault, it’s mine.

To read the rest, check out her blog here.


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