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LA Times Festival of Books Recap (Affiliates)

Divergent Lexicon Fandom


Some of our friends and affiliates in the #Divergent world were able to attend the LA Times Festival of Books this weekend and were tweeting/blogging live updates during the events.

Here’s some of what we gathered straight from them:

On nerdiness: She says there’s cultural acceptance for you to like reading (Game of Thrones, Twilight, Dystopia), more acceptance for being geeky.


On Chicago: She says that while she didn’t start out to base Divergent in Chicago, she later realized it was. She also said that while writing she had to become a tourist in her own town and it made her fall in love with the city. She said she had to go on “architectural boat tours and look at google maps!” (sounds like what we do with set location!)


On writers block: She said she opens up a new document to just write and makes it as “BAD as possible, just terrible.” That helps her.


 On writing: She said that she didn’t really plan the first book. She planned Allegiant much more than Divergent.


 – On character death: She said she was very attached to characters by end of Insurgent, even though she tried not to be. She also said that deciding who dies isn’t an emotional decision and that it has to be a meaningful. Each death is “meant to be” and is an end to that characters arc.


 – On Free Four: She said it was challenging  to write Four’s point of view. She wrote Free Four because Four was someone people wanted to read about or hear his voice or thoughts.


On the factions: The factions were well established because they were the foundation for the book. But the factionless seeped in as Divergent developed. She decided on the number and concept behind each faction before writing.


On coming of age stories: She says that in every coming of age novel, there’s a moment where the character rejects her form of authority, Divergent is an exaggeration of that.


On character naming: She said she can’t name characters after real people. She tried to name a character from Allegiant after her brother-in-law, but it was “too weird!” She plugged http://behindthename.com  for choosing character names.


On writing “more Divergent”: She says that after “Allegiant” ends, she plans on playing around with the series. She said, “I’m not done yet.”

You can also check out this video of @gypsyzombie92 meeting Veronica Roth:

Huge thanks to the following for keeping us all up to date with their live updates:

@IAmDivergentcom @PageToPremiere & @DivergentTris


We already know that the lovely I Am Divergent.com will be posting a recap of all the events soon, we’ll make sure to update with links to that as soon as it’s live. Make sure you’re following us on twitter for all the latest – @DivergentNation

What do you think, Initiates? There’s some pretty exciting stuff in here! What are you most excited about?


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