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It’s #FourFour Day!! Come celebrate!

It’s no secret that we are FOURsessed around here, and we know that a lot of you are right there with us. So when we heard that HarperTeen and EpicReads were throwing a HUGE #FourFour celebration we were beyond excited! Here’s what they have going on today!

  • GIVEAWAYS including: A Four Movie Poster, The Entire Sephora Divergent Make-up & Nail Art set, 4 Divergent IMAX Posters, and 4 T-shrts With Four’s Back Tattoo Design!



  • A Fun Four inspired video from Epic Reads that features Veronica Roth! Watch it here:



  • Check out the first quote from FOUR: A DIVERGENT COLLECTION



  • The ladies of Epic Reads shared these awesome “Four” bookmark that you can download HERE!


So all that’s left to know is, how are you celebrating Four’s day?

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