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Is @JessSula Our Christina?

Shailene Woodley at Sundance

Rumors have been flying about who will play all of our Divergent favorites, but the latest “gossip” about a possible Christina casting has us pretty excited. Jessica Sula, from MTV’s Skins, may just be our girl.



What do you think? She has the right look, do  you think she could handle the part?


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  1. OMG, she’s PERFECT! Especially the 2nd picture of her in the frizzy hair.

  2. No!!! I wanted to audition to portray Christina 🙁 but… If its not me it should be her she’s alright.. But I would be better 😉

  3. yess ommmmgg she’s perfect!!!!!!!!!! <3333 rlly hope she gets cast as christina!!

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