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{Interview} #Divergent’s @VeronicaRoth & @TaherehMafi Q&A with @HCCFrenzy! #RothMafiCanada

Today @HCCFrenzy (part of the team that loves talking about teen books!) hosted a live twitter Q&A with Veronica Roth and Tahereh Mafi! In case you weren’t able to catch it live, we’ve done a round-up of all the questions and the answers. Check it all out here:

HCCFrenzy- First up, from @chaptersindigo: After your books, what would you recommend people read next? #RothMafiCanada

  • Veronica Roth- Proxy by @ca_london, The Summer Prince by @alayadj Daughter of Smoke and Bone by @lainitaylor, Girl of Fire and Thorns by @raecarson. There are so many more books that are excellent! But I’ll stop there. #RothMafiCanada
  • Tahereh Mafi- I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN by @jandynelson and THE YOUNG ELITES by @Marie_Lu #RothMafiCanada and SUBLIME by @seeCwrite @Lolozilla and UNMARKED by @kamigarcia #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From Amy on FB, what was your inspiration for the main character of your books? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- Her voice came to me first, inspired partly by a quote:”My will is mine. I will not make it soft for you.” (Aeschylus) Clipped, direct voice = Tris. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- no particular inspiration; I really wanted to tell the story of someone fighting a great inner battle #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From @MariahSmith23: @taherehmafi Which faction would Juliette choose? @VeronicaRoth Would Tris choose Warner or Adam? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- I don’t know about the guys, but I think Tris and Juliette would make a great team. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- early J would choose Dauntless for self-destructive reasons. end of series J would choose Dauntless to save lives and protect the people. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From @sanyasohail Are you guys planning on writing/releasing any new books soon? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- I’m always writing, but not sure what’s next yet! #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- yes! FURTHERMORE, a story about a girl with no color living in a world in color #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From @Zabie76, Do you have a ritual when you start writing & a special place where you write? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- Not really! I’m very inconsistent with my writing spaces/process. But I drink a lot of tea. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- i make a pot of tea, wear noise-canceling headphones, and listen to http://rainymood.com #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From @HailFourTris, If you guys could have one superpower what would it be? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- I think I’d like to read emotions. It would likely make me more compassionate. OR…I’d like the ability to fall asleep easily. And stay asleep. Because: insomnia. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- i’d really like to never have to use the bathroom again. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From @hdancerhfx Who’s an author you look up to? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- I have some pretty wise, kind, smart writer friends. I definitely look up to them. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- i look up to @ransomriggs because he’s 6’4 and i’m 5’2. more seriously: i look up to my mom. because she’s written the story of our lives. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From @AlyssaVidal If you can switch places with any character for a day, who would it be? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- One of the background Harry Potter characters. Because: magic! But less danger! #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- hermione granger. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From @HarperCollinsCa, Do you have any messages for your Canadian fans? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- yes! WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @daniela3dasilva: do you discuss your writing together? Do you help each other develop ideas?

  • VR- We are in agreement that we don’t share much, and usually only with our husbands. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @eOnefilms: In which character do you recognize yourself & why? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- A little bit of me is in all of them, tbh. It’s how I (try to) keep them feeling real. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- i think there’s a little of me in all of my characters #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @hdancerhfx, What’s the best thing about being an author? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- Writing! A lot! And people read it! It’s a dream. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- i love the idea that i get to create worlds and share them with people. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @jemscarstars : How do you choose the names for your characters? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- Some chrs need certain kinds of names (“stiff” ones: Tris/Tobias) but also http://Behindthename.com #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- it’s usually instinctual; sometimes i pull inspiration from people or things i love. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @kimtaehyungsss: what do you do when you’re having a bad day? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- Watch comfort TV, snuggle with the dog. #RothMafiCanada
  • TM- i eat cold pizza and watch gilmore girls reruns. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- From a fan at @chaptersindigo, What would you suggest people facing anxiety do to find a creative outlet? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- For anxiety, I suggest talking to someone who knows how to help. Creative pursuits are good and enriching, but support from loved ones and people who know brains is important. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @HCCFrenzy: What was the very first thing you did when you finished writing IGNITE ME? Sleep? Eat cake? #RothMafiCanada

  • TM- i ate lunch! i think i’d forgotten to eat for several hours. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @HarperClassroom: What was your favourite book to read growing up? #RothMafiChat

  • TM- this is the obvious answer, but: harry potter! #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @daniela3dasilva: Was Shatter Me inspired by King Midas’ Golden Touch? Do fairytales inspire you? #RothMafiCanada

  • TM- no! tho once i made a comic book about a girl whose touch turned everything into chocolate, soo #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @HCCFrenzy: What’s been the best part of seeing Divergent come to life on screen? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- Seeing someone else’s interpretation of how all the places look was really incredible and exciting. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- from @divergentdarlin: Are you planning on writing more dystopian YA novels? #RothMafiCanada

  • VR- YA? Definitely. But I’m not sure exactly what genre yet. #RothMafiCanada


HCCFrenzy- Last q for you both! @VeronicaRoth @taherehmafi From @indigogreenroom, Would you ever write something together? #RothMafiCanada

  • TM- we <3 to read each others’ books, but i think we’re mostly solo writers right now! #RothMafiCanada

What was your favorite part, Initiates? Was there anything you were dying to know the answer to that wasn’t asked? Sound off below!

(Please link back if you use this transcription.)

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