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INITuary! Who’s Your Favorite Initiate?

Hello, and once again, Happy INITuary! Since we’re celebrating the Initiates this month, we want to know who your favorites are!

It can be anyone. Dauntless-born or Faction-transfer. We just want to know who you love.

We’d also love to hear what makes them your favorite (is it something they do in Divergent, or something that they say to another character?) and if there is an actor you’d love to see play them in the movie.

At the end of INITuary we will compile these and add them to the DivLex pages! Look for yours on your favorite character’s page!

Leave a comment below and tell us all about the Initiate you love the most.


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  1. Cant decide between Tris, Caleb or Christina

  2. peter, hands down.

  3. Tobias and Tris all the way, when i think about the love between them it just seems more real.

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