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Happy #InsurgentDay!

It’s here, you guys! Insurgent is finally here! Do you have your copy already, or are you still waiting?

I need to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us and #TeamAmity over the past month. As of the time when I’m typing this post, the results haven’t been announced yet, but no matter what happens everyone involved is a winner.

Speaking of winners, we have one last winner to announce from the last day of Divergent Devotion. Yesterday’s winner, chosen using random.org, is Caroline. Congrats! Send your address to [email protected] and I’ll get your Insurgent/Amity goodies to you soon!

We know that our Divergent Devotion tasks were only supposed to last for 10 days, but it was such an amazing experience that we want to keep the vibe going. From now on, stay on the lookout for Divergent Devotion tasks on the Lexicon. There might even be prizes involved.

Today we want to see all of you pictures of Insurgent. Leave a comment below and show us the books!!

We’ll let you know when we hear the results for the publicity challenge.

-Meg, Kassiah, & Sherry.

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One Comment

  1. yay!! happy insurgent day! I read it taking a break only to sleep for 4 hours LOL i’m looking forward to a reread this weekend!

    Here’s my copy! though – I have the ebook so it’s not a pretty hardcover book that I can share a photo of!


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