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Four, Four, and More Four!

Now that we’ve got our Director and our Tris, Divergent lovers are even more interested in who will be cast to play Four.

We’ve gotten a lot of messages from our readers with their picks and we’re starting to see celebrities speak out about their desire to play the part as well.

Here’s what we’ve been seeing/hearing:

Rumors of Colton Haynes being up for the part started last week. More on that here.



Max Thieriot tweeted his interest in playing Four here.



Trevor Donovan talked about reading Divergent here.



Drew Roy has tweeted about Reading Divergent and re-tweeted some fans saying he’s their dream casting. More here.



Alexander Ludwig expressed interest in playing Four here.



And then there’s the list we’ve been hearing from you. Including:

  •   Matt Dallas
  •   Dean Geyer
  •   Logan Lerman
  •   Steven R. McQueen
  •   Max Irons

We’ve picked our Top 3 and it includes- Colton Haynes, Matt Dallas, and Dean Geyer, but we want to know who’s on your list.

Take our poll below and lets us know who YOUR Four is.


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  1. chris evans, or a bit younger version of him, would be perfect as four!!!

  2. I read this book in a total of 5 hours, then I immediately read Insurgent. I’m ppumed for the movie, and I hope they choose the right actors. If four is not amazingly attractive and dangerous like I pictured him, I might cry. Is there a release date for the trailer or movie yet? I’d really like to see who they picked. Also, is there going to be a third book? Cause the ending of Insurgent left me wanting more.

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    • i guess the movie comes out around march 2014… and the third book is into the making right now and is comming out sometime in september 2013…

  3. I want Drew Roy or Max Irons to play Four. of course.

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