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Faction Fashion Week: Day 2- Amity Red & Yellow


Today is Day Two of Faction Fashion Week. We’re celebrating Fashion Week with Divergent Nation and bringing you a different style and faction each day.

If you’re an Amity lover (like me!) here are some outfits and accessories that you might need to add to your wardrobe.

Ruffle Sleeveless Top in Gold Star

Women’s Pop-Color Rockstar Cords in Saucy Red

Peacoat in Yellow

Women’s Printed Pintuck-Crepe Dresses in Red Print

Women’s Roll-Cuff Blouses in Tobiko Orange

Hi-Low Maxi Skirt in Gold

Suede scrunch flats in lasalle red

2-in-1 canvas carryall in Gold

Winter Knit Beret

Winter Eternity Scarf

Winter Arm Warmers

Eyeshadow in Yellow Gold Shimmer

Jewelry Top Coat in Be-Claus I Said So

Nail Colour in Cab Fare


Now that you’ve seen how to add some Amity red and yellow to your closet, head over to Divergent Nation  and check out some of the runway looks from Fashion Week that fit the Amity style too.

Do you have a favorite item from today? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to come back tomorrow when we show you how to add a little Candor to your life.

Happy Fashion Week, Initiates!


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