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Faction Fashion Week: Candor Black & White


Welcome to Day Three of Faction Fashion Week. We’re celebrating Fashion Week with Divergent Nation and bringing you a different style and faction each day.

Do you love Candor and need ways to incorporate more black and white into your wardrobe? Here’s some great options:

Perfect Sweater Dress in Black & Angel Food

Flared Jersey Dress in Black Stripe

Boat-Neck Sweater in Black Stripe

Women’s Ruffled Slub-Knit Henleys in Black Stripe

Water Repellent Classic Trench Coat – Plaid Print

AE Lace Peter Pan Blouse in Chalk

Calf Hair Loafers in Polka Dot

J World Ergonomic Laptop Backpack in Grey

Skinny Polka Dot Headband

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Pandora

Trend Tips in Ikat

Now that you’ve seen how to add more Candor to your closet, head over to Divergent Nation and check out some of the runway looks from Fashion Week that fit the Candor style too.

So what do you think? Have a favorite item? Let us know in the comments below

Happy Fashion Week, Initiates!


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  1. How do the candor wear there hair?

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