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Eight Brand New Teasers From The Path to #Allegiant!


The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant is set to release on September 24th from Amazon Kindle, and we’ve already been told that it will include ten new teasers from Allegiant. But this week one very observant fan noticed that part of it is already available from iBooks as an Allegiant sampler. It’s full of all kinds of Divergent goodies, including these EIGHT brand-new Allegiant teasers:










What do you think Initiates? Have you pre-ordered your Kindle version yet? You can do that HERE. Or log-in to iBooks, search for Allegiant, click on it, and then download the sample. (Note: When downloading it here, it will say it is a sample of Allegiant NOT The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant.)


We want to hear your favorite teasers in the comments below!


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  1. ldnapwioubergowpdjnvpdofiu3fbejwas;kadlkj
    I can’t breathe.
    Chapter nine, Tobias.. no words, just tears.
    Still hyperventilating about chapter 22.
    I love Tris’s moment of nostalgia with the train. And her desperation of knowing the truth about her once perfect world and willingness to leave it. She’s expanding her world but not forgetting the people, places, and things that got her there.
    I can’t wait to find out what’s in Four’s fear landscape, in what way Marcus is now in it. The whole sick or brave thing made me laugh because of Tris’s comment in Divergent about it being like masochism.
    I think the person Tris talks about in chapter 32 is someone new.
    Four’s quote from chapter 44 just makes me think that there is going to be new adventures therefore a new book which isn’t going to happen :'(
    The quote posted today is messing with my mind.
    I loooooooooooove it. But I sort of hate you guys for posting it cause 33 days is TOO LONG. (If you can’t tell I’m unhealthily obsessed with this series)

    • These are awesome! Can’t wait.

      The person in chapter 32 freaks me out. I’m worried that it’s Caleb. There’s also the previous quote about “seeing the dark side of someone” (/books/divergent/news/new-allegiant-quote-tris-pov) that people at Divergent fans think is Caleb, and it could fit… I would freak out if Caleb was responsible for the simulation attack though.

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