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#DivergentFansiteCountdown: Why We Became Involved With @Divergent


It’s Day 12 of the Divergent Fansite Countdown and today we’re all talking about why became involved with Divergent. Of course, there is both an easy answer, and the longer more in-depth reason. Let’s start with the short answer.

Are you ready? It’s…


That’s obvious right? From the first read we were hooked, and it’s probably safe to say most of you felt the same way. Now let’s dig deeper, here’s why each of us joined the fandom:


Can I just stick with saying Four? No, you want more? Okay, fine. Here’s the deal. Sometimes you read something that you just can’t let go. The characters take some sort of ownership over you and you just know that you’ve come across something special. That was Divergent for me. I read it not too long after it came out and instantly knew that I had found my “thing.” I bought the DivLex domain the day I finished the book and never looked back. At the time there weren’t many of us, just a few sites and twitter accounts, but now this fandom grows on a daily basis. Thanks to the incredible people at Summit and our amazing cast, we’ve got years of more awesome ahead of us. It makes me ridiculously proud to share this with all of you. We have such a strong, supportive, and fun fandom and I can’t wait to see where the next few years takes us.


Plus, reading (and pretty soon seeing!) things like this doesn’t hurt either:



I joined the Divergent fandom in May 2011 as soon as I read the book for the first time. Divergent was definitely something that resonated with me and stuck with me for weeks after finishing the book in roughly 24 hours. Talk about a book hangover! Already a blogger for a fansite pertaining to another YA series, my Divergent hangover really pushed me to create my own fansite and so, Divergent Nation was born (which has since been merged with Divergent Lexicon as of Oct ’12). Considering the book had barely been out for a month, and the only movie related news was that Summit Entertainment had acquired the rights, post-worthy news was few and far between. The site really became my outlet for all of the feels and Four-induced swoons that I was experiencing and I so desperately needed to find others who loved this book as I did. It’s been a long three years in this fandom but my love for this series has remained a constant and I am so excited to continue to watch this fandom grow!

So now you know why we’re here, but we want to know why you are! Leave us a comment below or tweet us (@DivergentNation) and tell us what brought you to the Divergent world!


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