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{Divergent Tour} San Francisco Recap

It’s been a few weeks since the Divergent Tour, but thanks to our corespondent Jennifer Schadel, we’ve got all the details on the San Francisco stop for you to enjoy! Ready to read about the fun? Here’s what she had to say:

DIVERGENT Comes to San Francisco


This season’s most highly anticipated movie, DIVERGENT, has come to San Francisco! This past Wednesday, March 5th, was the red carpet and premier of DIVERGENT, the dystopian, futuristic world we all want to get a glimpse of.


Both people from the press and fans were treated to both a red carpet and the premier of this amazing movie.


We had the great delight to ask a question to two of the shows biggest stars, Meggie Q (Tori) and Mekhi Phifer (Max) on the red carpet.


Divergent Lexicon: Do you have a favorite scene in the movie that you enjoyed and would like share?


Maggie Q: I like the Choosing Ceremony a lot just because Ashley and Tony, as Tris’ parents, it’s such a moving, heartbreaking sort of end to a day that I think they didn’t expect and for me, that really got me. I thought this whole movie was such an emotional experience. It was really interesting and it was such a ride!


Mekhi: There’s a bunch, but the zip line scene is incredible but there are so many incredible scenes and shots that are really beautifully shot that you’ll love to see when you see it!


To say you need to go see the movie “Divergent” this month is a major understatement. After having seen the movie a few times, attending a red carpet and press Junket, I am still in love and obsessed with this movie. It invades my thoughts as I keep reflecting on each scene and how well this movie was made. Between the impressive acting, compelling directing, outstanding visual effects and a fantastic storyline, this is a movie that covers all aspects of a movie that even the most seasoned moviegoer will respect.


“Divergent” is based the on the bestselling book trilogy by Veronica Roth. “Divergent” is the first book and the movie stays close to its storyline. There are a couple differences, but they add to the movies’ storyline and do not detract from it. The heart and soul of the book can be found within the movie.


As a fan, I am thrilled with the casting of “Divergent”. Shailene Woodley was highly impressive as the beloved character of Tris. Simply, Shailene nailed it. She bought to life the young, vulnerable girl on the brink of having to choose her destiny who turns into the strong, confident young heroine. All of her actions and decisions are what any parent would hope their own child, on the cusp of adulthood, would make. Having performed many of her own stunts, Shailene embraced this character whole-heartedly and it shows in her performance. Theo James was declared by many as “the one to watch” this year and once you see this movie, you understand completely what they are talking about. His performance as the strong, confident and reserved, Four, leaves female hearts beating and young men now have another character to emulate and look up to. The chemistry between Shailene and Theo is undeniable. Their interactions were a great force that helped to propel this movie into fan fiction stardom. With the support of many other up-and-coming actors, veteran seasoned actors and action scenes that give you thrills-and-chills, “Divergent” should be at the top of your list for the movie to see when it is released on March 21.


This movie is outstanding. It’s a movie anyone aged Tween or above, male or female will enjoy and go see multiple times!

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One Comment

  1. Ha Ha! Rollingstone review: “Woodley and James have no chemistry on screen (something not helped by their ostensible age difference) and the action is far from hard-hitting.”

    Um what? Please.

    It’s secondary character development that needed work- not feeling it about Peter, Christina, Will and esp. Marcus. That’s the shame.

    Other than that- and it’s big mind you- the movie was fantastic.

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