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Divergent Lexicon Visits The #Divergent Set- A Roundup Of Our Tweets

Divergent Lexicon Visits the Divergent Set

Last week, our co-admin Ashley (@ashleygirl10) had the incredible opportunity of flying to Chicago to visit the set of Divergent! She was not only able to visit the incredible sets and meet our amazing cast, but she also got to meet some fellow Divergent bloggers and visit some key locations from the book! Full set reports will be published at a future date along with our interviews, but we’ve complied all of the tweets from the visit and posted them here for you in recap! Thank you again to Summit Entertainment for inviting us!

That moment when Ben Lamb says it was nice to meet you…

Divergent Lexicon brought gifts for the cast and we even got some thank you tweets from Christian and Amy! Such sweethearts those guys 😉

And then we met Theo James and there weren’t enough words to describe how amazing it was.

And then Ben Lloyd-Hughes stopped by, not for a formal interview, just to say hello.

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