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#Divergent Gets Its Tori, Caleb, and Christina!

Divergent's Tori, Christina, and Caleb cast

YOU GUYS! It’s happening! No, we still don’t know who will be playing Four, but we did get not one, but THREE casting announcements today! We now have our Tori, Christina, and Caleb!


Divergent Casting


From left to right we have Nikita’s Maggie Q as Tori, Zoe Kravitz as Christina, and Ansel Elgort as Caleb! Not long after the news came trickling through Twitter, we got official confirmation from Summit Entertainment themselves! So excited!

We think these picks are spot on! We hadn’t thought of Maggie Q for a role, but think she’ll rock the role of Tori!

Thanks to THR for breaking the news!


UPDATE: We got official word from Summit Entertainment that this casting news is official! Go forth and celebrate!

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One Comment

  1. Good casting with Maggie Q and Zoe. I’m not familiar with Ansel, but I am definitely getting more excited about the movie. Let’s hope we hear something about Four soon.

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