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Divergent Devotion: #TeamAmity Day!

There are only 4 days until Insurgent can be held in your hands! How exciting is that?

Yesterday we got to read your reviews, and had a lot of fun doing it! There’s so much love for these books and it’s awesome to get everyone’s take on them. We drew one name at random using random.org and the winner of yesterday’s daily drawing is Tammy Masters. Yay! Send your address to [email protected] and I’ll get our Divergent/Insurgent goodies in the mail soon!

Today is #TeamAmity Day in the Five Factions, Five Days events that are being hosted by Veronica Roth & Harper Collins! Stay tuned to our Twitter & Facebook accounts and don’t forget to check out the Official Divergent Facebook page for even more Amity goodies!

Your Divergent Devotion task for today is to read Divergent! How fun is that? The Fictionator’s are hosting a Divergent read-a-long tonight at 930 pm EST. If you participate, come back here and link us to one of your read-a-long tweets in the comments and you’ll be entered into the daily drawing. You’ll also be eligible to win copies of Insurgent & Divergent from The Fictionator’s for participating!

Only, four more days #DivergentNation!


Support #TeamAmity by clicking the image below


Don’t forget to enter our Insurgent ARC giveaway here.


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  1. One of my tweets: https://twitter.com/#!/Bookworm320/status/196053443637555201
    I’d still pick the cheese. 🙂

  2. here is one of my faves from the readalong http://twitter.com/#!/jaimearkin/status/196056269881221121

  3. Loved that you guys put this read-along together. Here is one of my tweets https://twitter.com/#!/Netra21/status/196068940890390529

  4. Didn’t know which one to pick, but here we go!

    • Gah. Just realized, that my account is locked. Should I unlock, just in case, or it doesn’t matter?

      • No! I saw you during the read-a-long, I’m going to be drawing soon! Good luck!

  5. Eeep! Would love a chance for some goodies!

    May 1st, just get here already!

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