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Complete your own ‘fear landscape’ thanks to the Divergent Series UK Facebook page!

We are loving the new app over on the Divergent Series UK Facebook page!

Have you checked it out yet? Not only do you get to enter a ‘fear landscape‘ of you’re own, you also can compare your results/fears with everyone else who’s done it! It’s really interesting. There are also prizes to win if you’re Dauntless enough to share your fears.

If that’s not enough to convince you, how about the fact that while you complete the app you get to listen to a charming British gentleman encourage you all the way through it? We thought that might persuade some of you!

You can check out the app here.

When you’re done, come back here and let us know what was in your fear landscape.


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  1. Team Dauntless! I love this book! Its so great!

  2. Comment

  3. Hi

  4. GO AMITY!!

  5. I cannot acess the app. Could someone help me?

  6. I love divergent i want to be dauntless

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