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Brand New Still of Tris and Four at the Ferris Wheel PLUS Video from @EW


Hold on to your hats! Entertainment Weekly has released even MORE Divergent-y goodness with a brand new still of Shailene Woodley and Theo James next to the Ferris Wheel during the Capture the Flag scenes. AND there is a video! Today is an exciting day in our fandom, that’s for sure! Click the still to watch the video on Facebook!


UPDATE: Veronica Roth took the time to share her thoughts on this photo on her tumblr.

Here’s what she had to say:

Confession: I was on set when this was likely taken, and I may have gotten a little emotional that day (and now, while looking at this photo). This is the actual Ferris wheel on Navy Pier in Chicago. So not only is it beautiful and huge, and not only are Shailene and Theo wonderful as Tris and Four, but that wheel is the real deal, the real thing I was picturing as I wrote this scene, my senior year of college, in my messy apartment with the gray shag rug that always smelled like crackers.

So, this is kind of a special moment for me. You know. A little.

Perfect words.


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  1. awesomest book ever after HP !!! not felt so good after reading a book in a long time. awesome awesome and awesome

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