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Brand New Still from @Divergent Featuring Tris and Caleb Prior!


Shailene Woodley recent chatted with USA Today about the importance of the choosing ceremony scene and we have a new still to go along with it!

Shailene had this to say about the scene:

But the scene, shot in Chicago’s modern Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist in front of hundreds of extras, has an even deeper meaning for Woodley, 21. Taking the role of Tris in the potential blockbuster franchise — Divergent is the first of three books from Veronica Roth and is on a pace to sell 4 million copies — was a step Woodley insists was taken with a great deal of care.


Like Tris, she knew there was no going back, even if no blood oath was involved. She knew life would never be the same in a way that a rare few — Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart — can know.


Taking an on-set break on a steamy July afternoon (with the church’s air-conditioning system in disrepair), still wearing her Abnegation garb, Woodley recalls the thought process of joining Divergent (out March 21).


“It was a huge decision,” she says. “At first, I was not planning to take this opportunity, because it felt overwhelming. If there is success and if it happens in a way that was anything similar to Hunger Games or Twilight, that’s extremely intimidating. Especially for a very homely nature chic like me.”

Read the full article HERE.


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