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Book #3 Title Announced!



We’ve been not so patiently waiting to hear the title to the much anticipated third book in the Divergent series. We’ve lovingly called it Detergent, and even though that will always be its name in our hearts, we now have official word on the real name.

Are you ready? *insert drum-roll here* The title is…


TITLE will be released October 22, 2013 and will be the final installment in the Divergent series.

So what do you think, initiates? Did you guess correctly? Are you surprised? Most importantly, does having the title make you want the third book in your hands that much more?

 Check out the official announcement from USA Today here.


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  1. DOPE!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. Did anyone guess at that hehe? I like it though, and yes, I wish it was available now and not 6 agonizing months from now!

  3. al·le·giant [uh-lee-juhnt]
    loyal; faithful.
    a faithful follower; adherent

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