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Blog Update From Veronica Roth: Release Day Twitter Party + NYC Signing + Other Things

Veronica Roth updated her blog today with her upcoming events & other fun happenings.

Here’s what she had to say:

I am tired and tomorrow is RELEASE DAY so I need to get to bed, but there are some things happening so I’m going to tell you about them in slightly delirious from the tireds but relatively short fashion.A. TOMORROW, TUESDAY MAY 1, IS INSURGENT RELEASE DAY. 

B. I know I totally failed on the faction outfits for Erudite Day, Candor Day, and Abnegation Day. I got caught up in a bunch of other responsibilities, book-related and otherwise, and didn’t get the photos uploaded. But I’m going to post them anyway, just not until I get back from my travels. Still, I’m sorry to the remaining factions! I didn’t mean to overlook you.


C. Tomorrow I will be signing at the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca, New York, at 7PM. Please come if you are in the area! I would love to see you.


D. This morning I was on the local ABC show Windy City Live. I had a great time with the Windy City staff and the 8th graders from Saint Clements who were in the audience. (They asked such great questions!) If you want to see the interview, you can watch it here:



Full credit goes to the WCL make-up artist for making my hair look so nice even though I am in need of a haircut.


And last,


E. Tomorrow at 4PM Eastern time (3PM central. Other zones must figure it out from there.), I will be having a release party for Insurgent on Twitter. This is an attempt to help you share in the release day mayhem even if you don’t live in NYC. Tune in to your favorite twittery program with the hashtag #insurgentday, or just watch my twitter feed.


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