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Blog Update: ARC Hunt

Veronica Roth updated her blog, and this one has us bouncing with excitement!

The Insurgent ARC’s are in! Look:

Insurgent ARC

Beautiful, right?

Here’s a little about what she had to say about them:

As I said, Insurgent ARCs are an endangered species, meaning that not many were printed. You may see people talking about them right now, but 90% of those people are the very same ones who worked so hard to get the book finished/support it in some way at the publisher, so they get the ARCs a bit early. I myself only have 3. Two are with family, and one is my copy (depicted above), so I unfortunately can’t spare them.
2. But I really want one!
I am so glad. Seriously. And there will probably be a giveaway or two as we approach the pub date, and I promise I will tell you, on Twitter and on this blog, when they happen and how you can enter.
3. If I e-mail/tweet/tumbl(?)/send a smoke signal directly to you, does that improve my chances?
No. I swear, quantities are as low as I said.
4. I’m a book blogger and I requested one. What about me?
Oh hi there, book bloggers. You’re looking lovely today. Unfortunately, not every blogger who requested an ARC will get one, but those who do get one, it will appear in your hands by magic in several weeks in a cloud of glitter (okay, some of that isn’t true…). Sorry for the wait! If it was up to me, you would all have them RIGHT NOW because the anticipation is killllllling me!

To see the rest of her blog post, click here.

Let us know in the comments below what you would do to get your hands on one!


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  1. Sqeaul!!!

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