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Blog Update: A Peek Behind the Publishing Curtain

Veronica Roth posted an awesome blog entry today. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes in the writing process, you’re definetely going to want to check this out.

Here’s a little of what she had to say:

Before I got published, I had no idea how publishing works. It’s like any other industry– how it works is not common knowledge. I mean, do I know how grape juice is produced and bottled? Do I know the inner workings of the teacher’s lounge? Do I know who designs toilets and how you get your foot in the door of that industry? No.


So, this post is just an attempt to pull back the curtain for you guys a little, if you’re interested. This is also a partial response to those lovely enthusiastic readers who tell me to write faster so the book can come out sooner. To those of you who have, I’m glad you’re eager! But the fact is, I don’t set the release date, and a book release depends on WAY more than me writing as quickly as possible (which, believe me, I am already doing), as you will be able to see

She also posted a graphic of what Divergent would have looked like if she had designed the cover.

Here it is:

Divergent Fake Cover


To read the rest of the entry, click here.


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