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Behind the Scenes #Divergent Filming Featurette (With Screen-Caps!)


As if this week hasn’t been Divergent-y enough, Fandango just made it even better! They’ve released some behind the scenes footage focusing on the factions. It takes a closer look at some of the scenes we saw in the VMA trailer, adds in a lot of new scenes, and amazing interviews with the cast!

Here’s the video:


As usual, we want to talk about every single second of this video, but we’re going to settle with our absolute favorites!


“I roll off, and I would have fallen face-first onto a wood floor if he had not caught me.”

“I stand just inside the entrance and tilt my head back. The room is huge, silent, and smells like dust-covered pages.”

“Now, this is a happy sight,” he says. “The legendary Four. No one’s going to remember that I came in second now, are they?”

“I can forget I’m about to die. I stare at the camera until my vision narrows and it is all I see. Water tickles my ankles, then my calves, them my thighs.”

“Thank you. For protecting Caleb,” my father says. “Beatrice, I–“

“He draws himself into a train car as it passes with bewildering ease and pulls me in after him. I fall against him, my cheek against his chest. His fingers slide down my arms, and he hold me by the elbows as the car bumps along the steel rails.”


To see the rest o the screen-caps, go HERE.

To see the full Divergent trailer from the VMAs, go HERE.

To see our screen-caps (including quotes and page numbers!), go HERE.

What do you think, Initiates? What has been your favorite scene, interview, or pic that we’ve gotten this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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