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Allegiant is almost here, Initiates. We are just about an hour away from it’s US release and we could be more excited. There are a few things we want to make sure you all knew before it’s in your hands.

Here we go:

1. Veronica Roth’s will read the first pages of ALLEGIANT starting tonight at 11:59 EST (Go to DivergentOfficial.com to watch!) UPDATE: Missed it live? Watch it here:

2. Veronica Roth will be talking Allegiant on “The Today Show”  Wednesday (October 23rd)  during the 8AM (EST) hour. Set your DVR! UPDATE: Miss it live? Watch it here:

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

3. Join the Veronica Roth Twitter Chat with iBooks at 3PM (PST) on Wednesday (October 23rd).

4. Allegiant will be celebrated during the Epic Reads Divergent Tea Party at 3:45PM (EST) on Wednesday (Oct. 23rd). There will even be an exclusive video from Veronica Roth.

5. You can participate in the Very VH1 spreecast with Veronica Roth on Thursday (Oct. 24th), at 5PM (EST)

6. You can also submit your questions for Veronica Roth on the ALLEGIANT tour. Veronica will be answering fan questions during the LIVE Ustream event from Chicago on Saturday (Oct.26th), at 2PM (CST). You can submit your questions here.



7. We will remain Allegiant spoiler-free for one week from release. Expect our first reaction post on October 29th 2013.

8. We want to hear your Allegiant reactions. Just because we will be silent for a week about our reactions, doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear yours. After you finish reading we want you to record your reactions to Allegiant and send them to [email protected]. For directions on recording, go here. We will be selecting some of your recordings to be featured in the next podcast episode! (Your file must be in .mp3 form to be used.)

9. Don’t forget to enter our huge Allegiant giveaway HERE.


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