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#Divergent Weekend Wrap-Up (June 7th-9th 2013)

Divergent Lexicon fandom happenings

So much has been going on this weekend in #Divergent-land and we want to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

Here’s a round-up of what’s been happening the past few days:

  • After we shared the first still of Theo James as Four, here, this full body version was released:

  • A new interview with our Christinia, Zoe Kravtiz, was also released by ‘O’ Magazine:

  •  We got a photo from Zimbio of Ben Lamb (Edward), Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Will), Christian Madsen (Al), and Jai Courtney (Eric) at the Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Cubs game on May 27th:

  • Then as if the above photo was already great, Christian Madsen (Al) tweeted this photo of him,  Amy Newbold (Molly), and Theo James (Four) at a Chicago Blackhawks game!

  • Check out our  Twitter account, @DivergentNation to see some recent set photos and to get all the latest news as it happens!

  • UPDATE: Not only did Christian Madsen (Al), Amy Newbold (Molly), and Theo James (Four) get to watch the Blackhawks beat Los Angeles on Saturday, they also got to meet and take a quick picture with Chicago Mayor Emanuel.


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