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A Guide to Divergent’s 8 Post-Apocalyptic Hot Guys From @PeopleMag


People Magazine has really embraced Divergent and its cast and are putting out some great new features that we’re really excited about!  This is one titled ‘A Guide to Divergent’s 8 Post-Apocalyptic Hot Guys‘ is one of those features.

Here’s part of what they had to say:

Hold tight, Divergent fans, we’re almost there. The highly anticipated adaptation of Veronica Roth’s young adult book comes out on Friday. Until then, we have a bevy of beautiful guys to help you wait it out.
While trailers for the film focus on Shailene Woodley battling a menacing Kate Winslet, they’re missing all the gorgeous men the five factions have to offer.
Relative newcomer, Theo James, has recieved some attention for his drool-worthy portrayal of brooding Dauntless coach, Four. It helps that costar Woodley recently gave his kissing talents the thumbs-up. But Four isn’t the only hot number in this action film; it’s brimming with studs of all ages. Yes, even the dads of Divergent smolder.
Below, get to know Divergent‘s hunky caché of fellas before the movie hits theaters.

Go check it out HERE to read the rest and see all the Divergent hottie pictures and bios!

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