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2012 Smart Chicks Kick It Tour

Smart Chicks

The 2012 Smart Chicks Kick It Tour (3.0) is happening in September, and Veronica Roth is participating!!

Here’s a little of what the tour is all about:

Our Tour, Our Way


Author tours are usually organized by the publisher. All we have to do is show up, which is great, but we started thinking maybe we’d like to try something different. Organize our own tour, just the way we want it. Pick the cities. Pick the authors. Organize the events. So, in Sept 2010, we did just that.


Kelley & Melissa organized a groups of events for 19 authors in 12 cities over 14 days. There were mistakes–someone (Melissa) forgot to include meals in a few days’ schedule; we ran through airports; and one travel day included leaving the event to travel halfway into night to the next city. We did it all over again in 2011. This time we did a few less cities,

remembered meals, and only had one we-are-so-missing-this-flight day. We made the flight, met even more great readers and booksellers and librarians. So . . . despite swearing it was a one-time tour, we’re now doing the third (and final!) Smart Chicks Kick It tour in September 2012.


We hope to see you on the road in 2012 for the third/final Smart Chicks Kick It tour, a multi-city, multi-author celebration of strong female characters in fiction! Check our authors’ page to learn more about this year’s line up, our downloads page for posters, and our schedule for times/places.

To see the schedule, and for more information, click here.


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